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Barre for Balance & Core 2

Here is another ballet barre workout for your balance and core strength. This barre is NOT meant to be beautiful or easy. It’s a challenging set of exercises for any level dancer! Just do you best and use this as a training tool for your dance technique. *All music is me playing the piano – working on a CD!



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    Marty Jones

    May 3, 2017

    Dear Kathryn,
    By way of introduction, my name is Martha (Marty) Jones. I live with my darling husband Stuart Harrington, and 2 mischievious poochies in Carson City, NV, at the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We are blessed with 3 grown sons and 4 grandchildren. I am soon to be 67 years young, and “discovered” you a scarce few months ago.
    I am quickly coming to admire you! Your life, your loves, and your challenges, your personal and business ethics. You are a lovely and lively young woman, and how you manage everything in your life is a testament of you and your family and friends.
    I am a former ballerina. All my life I’ve taken class and performed in many local Civic productions. I miss dancing on pointe but my arthritic toes will have to accept that! I have recently re-incorporated a brief barre warm-up every day in a beautiful dance ‘ corner’ my husband created for me. Mirror, chandelier, and barre…heaven!
    I just wanted to introduce myself as a new follower to both of your channels on YouTube. I don’t understand quite how to leave comments or questions on those sites but I found your website and am confident I will figure out the rest!
    Thank you for your time to read this, and I look forward to following your beautiful wedding, and your fun and funny life!
    All my best wishes to you and Eric. I applaud his, and your sacrifices, for service
    to our country. ❤️
    Sincerely, Marty Jones-Harrington

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